Garbage Pin
Pin (silver·plastic bag·flexible wire·4,5x2x3 cm)

Created in 2007

See also Garbage Pin Project

A device-jewel born from a distinctly urban concept of appropriation and reinterpretation of a daily use object: the rubbish bin.

The piece is presented as a pin with a metallic structure where a little transparent plastic bag is fitted, complemented with a kit of refills to replace the bags once the jewel is used, allowing to keep the different results obtained. Silver: as a noble and valuable material, natural and recyclable resource, is here faced with plastic: ordinary and cheap material, of synthetic origin, highly responsible for the destruction of our eco-system.

The jewel calls on the reflection on the current urban social paradigm that confronts notions of worth and waste – both relative and subjective concepts…

The piece never ends to acquire new meanings ensuing the experiences and interventions of whoever uses it, which implies that its symbolic value is confirmed mainly through its usage value

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