Why Repair Your Mobile Phone Yourself

There are a number of phone issues that can easily be repaired at home. Depending on the type of phone you have it may be less costly to do the repairs on your own. The most common types of mobile phone repairs include;

1. Broken Screen

Repairing a broken screen can be simple and cheap but at the same time can also be expensive depending on how the mobile phone has been built. In order to fix this, you will need to disassemble your phone. In some instances the glass can be joined together with the digitizer which is a very expensive approach. The relatively cheaper option is buying a replacement screen. In some cases where the glass is not fused to the glass you may be able to replace the glass itself.

2. Headphone Jacks

Headphone jacks are relatively easy and simple to replace. This is because head phone jacks are usually self-contained and are plugged directly into the mother board or at times they are usually attached to the speaker assembly

3. Loose Or Stuck Buttons
Similar to head phones, loose butt
ons can easily be replaced. It is possible to get replacements for most hardware buttons and swap them without making any complicated changes. However there are some buttons which are usually attached to the motherboard by use of cables thus you have to be very careful when replacing the buttons. There are various guides one can use when replacing loose or stuck buttons.

4. Camera Replacement

The internal sensors for most cameras are very easy to replace however this largely depends on how easy the handset can be opened. If the outside glass of the camera is broken you can replace it without removing the camera from the motherboard.

Most phone repairs usually require customized guides for repair due to the variety of phone hardware and the differences in their manufacturing structure. The good thing is there are a number of sites that provide guides for mobile phone repairs. These sites include;

1. iParts4U

Which gives guidance on how you can dismantle and repair mobile phones. In addition to this it also sells tools that can help with handset repairs.

2. Etrade Supply

This site mainly deals with selling mobile phone parts. For instance if you want to replace your screen this site will supply all the parts needed for the screen repair process. In addition it also offers video tutorials on repairing your phone for the best results.