mobile App Development Whtas The Best Way To Develop Your App?

Correctly chosen structure will save you time, effort and money. There are two main ways to create a mobile app: local and across platforms.

And the third, the progressive approach, is now being developed.

The original development means creating separate applications for each mobile platform. That is, you must develop an application for iOS and another for Android. Then the apps will be downloaded to the private platform stores. These are the advantages of the original applications:
Advanced design options.

Compatibility with all Smartphone features, including in-app purchases, access to website or camera services, push notifications, and priority updates.

Fast, responsive and reliable interface.

The most popular apps, such as Twitter, Waze and Pokemon Go, are a prime example of the original approach.

Developing mobile applications across platforms is to create a common code base for two platforms, with additional code translation in each operating system through an intermediate layer. These are the advantages of cross-platform applications:

One code base and correct operation on all platforms, allowing us to simplify logic and avoid possible errors.

Reduce the price and code writing time if you do not need a compatibility guarantee for each platform. The logic will be simple and the user interface will remain simple.

The Progressive Web (PWA) app combines the best features of a mobile website with an original app. These are the advantages of progressive web applications:

No broker needed (store).

Development costs are lower than when using classic methods.

Development trends

Before you start developing a mobile app, ask yourself several questions. What are the goals of your request? What is the target audience for your app? What jobs should it have? If it is difficult to choose, the simplest solution is to know the trends that have formed in the development market.

Mobile app stores

According to Statista forecasts, by 2020, total revenue from all mobile apps will reach $ 581 billion, including $ 117 billion in combined ads. Application stores or digital distribution platforms can help make these metrics crucial to promotion.

Apple App Store

Apple was the first to create an app store. Then in July 2008, it was still part of the iTunes Store. Since then, the App Store has been the main place where iOS users can find the right app.

The store contains 2.2 million different Smartphone apps, as well as Apple TV and Apple Watch products. By placing the app on the App Store, you will satisfy your already existing audience and attract new users.

Google play

Google launched its store in October 2008 under the name Android Market. After changing the brand in March 2012, it is called Google Play, but it still targets the Android device market.

The digital distribution platform provides 2.9 million applications. Despite the powerful built-in search engine, brands sometimes find their apps hidden in search results or can be found in other requests. But nevertheless, by uploading your app on Google Play, you can count on your Android audience or customers will be satisfied.